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APhA Foundation and IQware Solutions announce partnership for new data integration and analytics
Expanded research capabilities will leverage the value of pharmacists' patient care services

WASHINGTON, DC - The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Foundation and software company IQware Solutions announce a new partnership to create core components of an IMPACT Healthcare Innovation Hub, a new data aggregation and reporting tool that will integrate clinical and economic data. The secure web-based platform will include data collection, importing, analytics and reporting capabilities currently used in the Foundation's successful research projects. Using the hub, healthcare organizations will be able to produce a set of self-service reports using uploaded data that demonstrate the value of pharmacists' patient care services as an efficient, cost-effective healthcare solution.

The hub will enable the Foundation to build upon its rich history of research outcomes showing the value of pharmacists' patient care services through a rapid, comprehensive analysis of data to collaborating stakeholders. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to develop new tools to streamline data collection and reporting in a way that produces evidence of the impact pharmacists' patient care services have on healthcare delivery and ultimately, patient health outcomes," said Mindy Smith, APhA Foundation Executive Director.

"Privacy, confidentiality, reliability and security are of paramount importance to our research at the APhA Foundation and to our collaborators," said Benjamin Bluml, APhA Foundation Senior Vice President, Research and Innovation. "One of the key reasons we selected IQware as our development partner is for the flexibility its secure, patented technology offers in developing an infrastructure that allows us to adapt to a continuously evolving marketplace as we work to expand our research and innovation enterprise to help invent a preferred future."

Healthcare organizations who use the IMPACT Healthcare Information Hub will be able to collect, analyze, report and aggregate data depending on their needs. The software will allow the option to enter data directly into the system if an electronic medical record system (EMR) is not in place, convert non-standardized formats into standardized data, or accommodate market standards for health information exchange if a standard EMR system is used.

"We are confident that the unique attributes of the IQware architecture will provide the APhA Foundation with the information technology platform needed to lead the pharmacy profession into a new future and are proud to be a partner," said Donald L. Seddon, President of IQware Solutions, LLC.

About the American Pharmacists Association Foundation
The APhA Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., is a trusted source of research demonstrating how pharmacists can improve health care. The APhA Foundation's mission is to improve people's health through pharmacists' patient care services. The APhA Foundation is affiliated with the American Pharmacists Association, the national professional society of pharmacists in the U.S. For more information, please visit the APhA Foundation website Follow the APhA Foundation on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

About IQware Solutions
Answering the call for an all-new method for software development, IQware created a patented (US #7,322,028, others pending), revolutionary process that removed coding and scripting from the equation. Since its initial release in 2007, the IQware Development Platform has evolved to include the necessary intelligence to deploy new applications in response to events. Innovation continues to ensure IQware delivers solutions that enable healthcare organizations to capitalize on big data by securing all data in motion against external and internal threats with 24x7 availability, and the ability to change applications on the fly, adding/changing functionality even when systems are in use. For more information, please visit the IQware website

American Pharmacists Association Foundation News Release

Dr. Steve Belovich is presenting on Cyber Security at the ITEC (International Tire Exhibition and Conference) in Akron (September 2014)

The International Tire Exhibition and Conference (ITEC) on Tire Manufacturing is going to be in Akron on September 9-11, 2014. Dr. Belovich is presenting the history of cyber security and will demonstrate why current data protection mechanisms won't work. The paper concludes with an approach that does work and will protect the data assets of your company. Please check back for Dr. Belovich's presenting date/time, as the schedule is TBD.

International Tire Exhibition and Conference (ITEC) website

Confidential tire manufacturing data including rubber compounds and processing details are increasingly vulnerable and represent areas of high risk to any manufacturer. The current protection mechanisms are inadequate as recent experience has shown. The past year has witnessed an amazing number of articles, reports, seminars and news stories about successful hacking attempts and the lack of adequate data and/or network security. The theft of millions of debit card IDs from Target Stores is but one sad story in a long litany of digital misery.

The recent revelations by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has made the cyber security and data protection landscape scarier because MicroSoft, Google, Yahoo, Verizon, etc., have all cooperated with the NSA and have given that organization various "back-door keys" to enable digital spying. Encryption procedures that used to be considered "safe" are now easily broken, such as RSA, triple DES, SSL, etc.

This paper will cover the history of cyber security and demonstrate why current data protection mechanisms won't work. The paper concludes with an approach that does work and will protect the data assets of your company.

March 11, 2014 - SalesKatz Innovates CRM System that uses IQware Solutions

The Business Journal Daily Buzz, featured a new Youngstown company, SalesKatz, in their Trending Tech Belt Report. SalesKatz is preparing to launch a new product that is promising to revolutionize sales.

"An integral part of what makes SalesKatz unique is that it uses IQware Solutions, Longoria says. The software company is based in nearby Richfield. IQware allows SalesKatz to be flexible and change programming on the fly."

"IQware allows SalesKatz to literally do anything they want for their customer on a custom basis or otherwise," he says.

And Ricker says right now SalesKatz has the exclusive license with IQware in the CRM realm.


View the IQware segment (5:00 minutes through 9:21 minutes)


SalesKates Innovates CRM System (transcript)


October 30, 2013 - Dr. Steve Belovich invited to speak at Cleveland State University's Fenn College of Engineering

Dr. Steve Belovich, IQware Solution's CEO, will present, "Cyber Security Briefing: How to Fight and Win the New War & Why What We are Doing Now Won't Work" at Cleveland State University's Alumni Speaker Series from 4-5:45 PM, at Stilwell Hall 130 - Foxes' Den, on October 30, 2013.   Dr. Belovich will detail the various cyber security threats we face, the underlying reasons we face them, why what we are doing now to defeat them won�t work and what we need to do in the future to win this new war.

Cleveland Stage University flyer

Fenn College of Enginnering news story

Fenn College of Enginnering Upcoming Events


June 12, 2013 - IQware's Medication Therapy Management/Disease State Management system chosen by Martin Health System to support the Patient Centered Medical Home Program

We are very pleased to share the official announcement that IQware was chosen by Martin Health Systems to support the Patient Centered Medical Home initiative. IQware was chosen because of the capability of the architecture to respond to their needs quickly and in the most secure environment.

Read Press Release: IQware's Medication Therapy Management/Diseaase State Management system chosen by Martin Health System to support the Patient Centered Medical Home Program.


August 14, 2012 - "How to Fight and Win the New Cyberwar" article by Dr. Steve Belovich featured on Infosec Island.

Join in the discussion and view article on Infosec Island here.

How to Fight and Win the New Cyberwar

We are losing the cyberwar. The presentation that you can download below will explain how to fight and win this new war. It will also explain why what we are doing now not only won't work, but it can't work because the net-centric defense approach is fundamentally flawed.

I will begin with the cyberwar "sitrep" which is a snapshot of where we are right now. This includes the offensive and defensive purposes of cyberwar and how new requirements for connectivity greatly increases risk. I'll also list the personnel issues, technical issues, economic issues ad management issues involved on the cyber battlefield.

Next I'll cover security technology including firewalls and how to hack them, anti-virus software and why it is ultimately ineffective. I'll list various encryption techniques, the most effective of them being CKM (Constructive Key Management). The three basic hacking techniques of footprinting, scanning and enumeration will also be described followed by network hacking for "zombie" creation.

I'll then describe medical device hacking, automobile hacking which means making your instruments and onboard computers behave erroneously, "on the bus" hacking via SmartPhones, LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) X25 radio hacking through reverse engineering and even non-electronic hacking using the advanced 4GS phones' improved accelerometers and AI techniques for keystroke capture.

The history of the cyberwar battlefield will then be described because it's important to understand how we got in this mess in order for us to craft an effective solution. A problem that is not understood cannot be solved.

I will cover software structure, security research results, DoD 5200.28 and ISO15408 secure system standards. I will describe what can be done and what cannot be done in the cyber battle. What objectives are useful and achievable and which objectives are not useful and are unachievable.

I'll wrap up with how to win the cyberwar with existing technologies, an approach and policies that, if properly put in place, will give us all 100% confidence in the security of our data and maintaining our 24-by-7 operational continuity.

Infosec Island is an online community for network and IT professionals who manage information, security, risk and compliance issues.

July 30, 2012 - Tennessee Pharmacists Association, Blue Cross Partner to Support Pharmacists as Providers of Patient Care Services.

Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation Receives Grant to Improve Health Outcomes.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 11.3 percent of adult Tennesseans have been diagnosed with diabetes, nearly 3 percent higher than the national average. In an effort to curb this trend, the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation has awarded a $195,969 grant to the Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation (TPREF).

The grant will enable TPREF to implement a new pharmacist-provided patient care program focused on improving the health and quality of care for diabetes patients in Tennessee by increasing access to diabetes care services.

"The BlueCross Health Foundation has a stellar reputation as a leader in health care innovation by improving the quality of care for patients in Tennessee," said Dr. Baeteena Black, Executive Director of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association. "We are honored to work with the Health Foundation to improve the delivery of patient care services to patients and reduce the burden of unnecessary diabetes-related health care costs to the system."

The program will seek to establish a standard for pharmacist-provided patient care services for patients with diabetes and is designed for use by any pharmacist. Participating pharmacists must complete advanced training in diabetes management and provision of diabetes-related patient care services and meet the required credentialing standards necessary to provide these services. Once credentialed, pharmacists will work with their patients, as well as with local physicians, mid-level practitioners, nurses, registered dietitians, and other key providers of diabetes-related care, to increase coordination and communication in order to improve patient care.

"Diabetes is a growing epidemic in this state, which is why we believe in this program and what it's trying to achieve," said Elaine Manieri, Vice President of Pharmacy Management for BlueCross. "It offers a unique approach in dealing with the problem by putting pharmacists at the center of the treatment."

TPREF has selected IQware MTM, a program developed by IQware Solutions, as its documentation system for the project. The software will help facilitate the process of placing the pharmacist as the primary point of contact for patients and other health care providers for management of patients' chronic diabetes care. It will allow pharmacists to document patient care interventions, formulate treatment plans and recommendations, and communicate goals of therapy and treatment plans with patients and/or caregivers, other health care providers, and the patient's health plan. Pharmacist training begins in July of 2012, and enrollment of patients in the program is set to begin on January 1, 2013. For more information, contact TPREF at 615-256-3023 or

The Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation (TPREF) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to advancing the profession of pharmacy through research and education initiatives.

About Tennessee Health Foundation, Inc.
The BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation, Inc. (THF) was established in December, 2003 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation organized to promote the philanthropic mission of BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. THF awards grants focused on high-impact initiatives across the state, which promote healthy lifestyle choices and help control health care costs for all Tennessee residents. Working with civic and economic partners, THF is dedicated to the support of research, innovative programs and creative approaches to improve the health and quality of life of Tennesseans for generations to come.

Read IQware MTM/DSM endorsement from Dr. Baeteena Black.

June 27, 2012 - The Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA) selects IQware to provide MTM and DSM decision support for their association, funded entirely by TPA's Blue Cross Blue Shield grant.

IQware Solutions is pleased to announce that IQware MTM has been selected by the Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation (TPREF) as its documentation system for a new and innovative pharmacist-provided patient care program focusing on patients with diabetes in Tennessee. This program was developed by TPREF and is supported by a generous grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee Health Foundation. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee Health Foundation provided this grant to TPREF to explore innovative new methods of delivering diabetes care to patients and to curb the financial impact this disease has on the health care system.

"TPREF is extremely pleased to form this new partnership with IQWare," Dr. Baeteena Black, Executive Director of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association, states, "as we work together to improve the way in which patient care services are delivered by pharmacists and to ultimately improve patient health outcomes and quality and reduce the burden of unnecessary diabetes-related costs to our health care system."

The Documentation System:

IQware MTM was selected by TPREF because of its security, flexibility and interoperability, audit ability and ease of use. Additionally, IQWare MTM helps to facilitate the pharmacist becoming the primary point of contact for patients and other health care providers regarding management of their chronic diabetes care. This system allows pharmacists to document patient care interventions, formulate treatment plans and recommendations, and communicate goals of therapy and treatment plans with patients and/or caregivers, other health care providers, and the patient's health plan.

"Effective development, utilization, and management of a secure, user-friendly documentation system," Dr. Black continues, "is essential to the successful delivery of patient care services by pharmacists. IQWare MTM, with its web-based documentation system, provides pharmacists with the ability to accurately document and communicate information electronically within a secure system to other health care providers, health plans, and most importantly, to the patient. IQWare MTM also possesses a level of customizability rarely seen in today's health information technology arena."

The Program:

Tennessee consistently ranks in the top tier of states in terms of adult patients with the diagnosis of diabetes. The most recent estimates from the Kaiser Family Foundation indicate that the percentage of patients in Tennessee that have ever been told by a doctor they have diabetes is 11.3%, which is nearly 3 percentage points higher than the national average. The primary goal of this program is to improve patient safety and health outcomes for Tennesseans suffering from diabetes by increasing patient access to essential diabetes care services and ultimately improving health outcomes and quality of care. Patients at the greatest risk for worsening disease progression and complex medication therapy regimens are encouraged to participate and receive essential diabetes-related patient care services, including Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services, diabetes self-management education, CLIA-waived testing, vaccinations and administration, and routine tracking and monitoring of essential markers in quality, patient satisfaction, and patient knowledge.

This program seeks to establish a standard for pharmacist-provided patient care services for diabetes and is designed for any pharmacist, regardless of their practice setting. Participating pharmacists must complete advanced training in diabetes management and provision of diabetes-related patient care services and meet the required credentialing standards necessary to provide these services. Once credentialed, pharmacists will work with local physicians, mid-level practitioners, nurses, dietitians, and other key providers of diabetes-related care to increase coordination and communication in order to improve care. Pharmacists, widely recognized as the medication therapy experts, are naturally aligned with patients and/or caregivers, other health care providers, local employer groups, health departments, and community partnerships to manage patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes.

About TPA and TPREF:

The Tennessee Pharmacists Association is comprised of pharmacists from every practice setting including community, health-system, long-term care, academia, industry, consulting and more. The mission of TPA is to represent the profession of pharmacy as an integral component of the health care delivery system to entities outside the profession; develop standards of practice which insure delivery of quality pharmaceutical care as a means of protecting and enhancing the public health; promote the enhancement of knowledge, ethics and skills of pharmacists; and insure the economic and professional success of pharmacists in all practice settings.

The Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation is a non-profit entity dedicated to advancing the profession of pharmacy through research and education initiatives.

About IQware:

The IQware Health Care Information System (HCIS)-including Medication Therapy Management and Health Information Exchange-is designed to work cooperatively with your existing health care IT systems. This advanced software platform prevents the culture shock that often accompanies the typical "IT improvement" in the health care industry. Using a patented configuration process (US #7,322,028, others pending).


Please click below to watch Bill G. Felkey's live demonstration of IQware at TPA.


June 19, 2012 - HP releases IQware presentation, "Simplify healthcare application deployment. IQware and HP mission-critical Converged Infrastructure."

Read IQware presentation, "Simplify healthcare application deployment. IQware and HP mission-critical Converged Infrastructure." presentation.


June 6, 2012 - HP releases IQware solution brief, "IQware and HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure."

Simplify healthcare application deployment with IQware and HP mission critical converged infrastructure. IQware and HP offer a new development method that is efficient, interoperable, cost-efficient, and highly secure software "applications," which are actually a set of rules.

IQware Medication Therapy Management and Health Information Exchange products are based on IQware's patented (US #7,322,028, others pending), rules-based architecture and provide unprecedented flexibility and security when running on HP OpenVMS. As business requirements change these applications can be updated without writing a single line of code.

The HP and IQware converged infrastructure is a paradigm shift from traditional software and development practices. Contact IQware or HP today to see how your organization can benefit from this revolutionary converged infrastructure.

Read "IQware and HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure" document.

IQware Contacts

Donald L. Seddon - President, IQware Solutions,, (330) 697-3743

Marc J. Ricker - CMO, IQware Solutions,, (216) 570-7411

Dr. Steve Belovich - CEO, IQware Solutions (technical contact),, (330) 659-6300


March 9, 2012 - CEO of IQware invited as a speaker at the Northern Ohio InfraGard Members Alliance meeting
The Cyber-security of mission-critical systems is a growing national concern. IT systems and infrastructure that have been deemed secure are being hacked at alarming rates using very sophisticated and opportunistic methods. State-sponsored cyber attacks are also increasing in both frequency and severity.

This detailed presentation will underscore the relevance of IT security history, what we learned from the past and where critical IT system engineering design and deployment errors were made. Dr. Belovich will explain current IT vulnerabilities, why traditional "add-on" defense methods do not work and how IT deployment decisions made in the past significantly impact our "go forward" security options.

Dr. Belovich's presentation will demystify prevalent hacking methods, analyze prevailing IT security policy issues, and lay out a road map to intelligent, immediately-relevant effective policies, and practical cyber-security solutions.

About Northern Ohio Infragard Members Alliance
The InfraGard Program began in the Cleveland Field Office in 1996 as a collaborative between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the private sector cyber professionals in the information technology industry and academia.

InfraGard announces Chapter Meeting Security Summit where Dr. Belovich is presenting Fighting and Winning the New CyberCrime War

Arrival and registration starts at 7:30 AM. Please arrive no later than 8 AM.

February 14, 2012 - IQware partners with premier Constructive Key Management company TecSec®
IQware is pleased to announce their partnership with TecSec®. TecSec® is a premier maker of scalable standards-based and patented cryptographic key management framework CKM®. CKM® is a cryptographic key management framework that answers the urgent need for information security, access management and complete recovery of digital assets.

TecSec's featured products, the TecSec® EagleCard™ and PIV Applet, have been fully certified in accordance with FIPS 201 (PIV) and appear on the GSA Approved Products List for HSPD-12. TecSec's patented technologies enable enterprises to comply with privacy statutes and regulations across all of their information assets.

Jay Wack, CEO of TecSec, Inc. stated, "Meeting data protection objectives requires that the cryptographic algorithm and the associated key management processes utilized, operate correctly. IQware's platform, using HP's OVMS operating system, ensures that our CKM encryption and key construction algorithms operate as intended. This multiple technology approach is essential for the protection of information. After all, it is all about the persistent protection and control of the data while ensuring operational continuity."

Edward Scheidt, Chief Scientist and Founder of TecSec, Inc. stated, "In fielding a Cyber security solution, a combination of technologies can offset the risks to protecting information. The combination of IQware's platform assurance, of HP's OVMS operating system, and of Tecsec's Constructive Key Management, for differential access to content, significantly raises the bar for protecting information."

The CIA featured an article on Mr. Edward Scheidt, Co-Founder of TecSec, Inc. Mr. Scheidt had a 26 year career with the CIA.

October 5, 2011 - IQware selected by the Ohio Hospital Association to provide software for their data warehouse and analytics project

Cleveland: IQware's patented software technology (US #7,322,028, others pending) has been selected by the Ohio Hospital Association (OHA) to support their data warehouse and analytics project.

Amy Andres, Vice President of Data Services stated, "Our goal is to provide our member hospitals high quality data analysis and reporting tools, most importantly for the purpose of improving the quality of patient care."

Dr. Steve Belovich, CEO of IQware, Inc and inventor of the IQware patented architecture stated, "IQware is the only architecture that can integrate data from any application and allow access to the appropriate stakeholders in a truly secure manner. IQware is the "glue" needed to achieve an efficient and secure Exchange of Health Information. Security is rising to the top of the list of concerns for administrators in healthcare".

Andres also noted that "Based upon the changing environment influenced by healthcare reform, our data processing requirements are now weighted towards increased flexibility, rapid application development cycles, and clinical staff level involvement in system configuration. Of course system and process security is tantamount. The security and interoperability of IQware's architecture is unique and has significant potential value to OHA."

Dr. Belovich also stated, "We are very pleased to have been selected by the Ohio Hospital Association as the platform for their data warehouse and analytics project. The IQware Master Data Management technology will allow the implementation of OHA's data and quality improvement vision. The combination of IQware's rule-based architecture and the proven security of HP OpenVMS running on mission-critical HP Integrity systems offers OHA a powerful solution to contain cost while providing the best service levels to their member hospitals."

To find out more about the Ohio Hospital Association go to: and for
IQware go to

September 12, 2011 - Dr. Steve Belovich invited to speak at the Heritage Foundation's private event "Cyber Security Briefing"

Dr. Steve Belovich, CEO of IQware, will present "Cyber Security: How to Fight and Win the New War". The presentation will explain why common IT security approaches will not work and will present practical solutions and intelligent policies that can be successful.

Dr. Belovich's presentation will include the history of IT security, what was learned and where mistakes were made. He will explain why we are currently vulnerable from an IT standpoint, why traditional defense techniques cannot work and how IT deployment decisions made in the past significantly affect our "go-forward" options today. He will also cover the personnel, technical managerial and economic issues that affect the cyber battlefield.

An awareness of the history of IT security and cyber warfare is essential to understanding the real IT security problems and developing practical, effective solutions. These real-world solutions are the basis for defining and implementing relevant and useful cyber security policies.

This comprehensive presentation will also:

  • provide a "SitRep" of the cyberwar battlefield and identify vulnerable systems
  • address cyber security fallacies and the limitations of traditional IT security technology and network defense approaches
  • discuss prevailing hacker methods
  • present a secure architecture
  • define and present useful, realistic policies
  • and much more.

IQware, a leading software company in master data management, has developed, patented (US Patent #7,322,028, others pending) and deployed a "disruptive technology" MDM system. IQware's innovative software platform is secure and virus-immune, HIPPA compliant, rule-based, and interoperable. IQware can be deployed via a non-intrusive installation; there is no need for an expensive overhaul of existing IT infrastructure. IQware is an ideal solution for hi-availability applications where security and operational continuity are essential.

Download Dr. Belovich's Cyber Security Briefing presentation.

January 28, 2010 - IQware's CEO, Dr. Steve Belovich presented "Firewall Fairy Tales and Other Scary Stories" at the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) 2011 Annual Industry and Technology Issues Conference

Dr. Belovich covered the three basic hacking steps (footprinting, scanning, and enumeration) and explained why common network defense mechanisms do not (and cannot) work. He also covered proper approaches to medical data security and what can be done to protect it.


Download Dr. Belovich's engaging presentation from the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy website.

January 27, 2011 - David Croslin conducted a seminar at the Nance College of Business at Cleveland State

David Croslin, CIO/CTO of IQware Marketing and former Chief Technologist at HP conducted a seminar on innovating the future and the relevant corporate culture issues that can help-or hinder-innovation.

David Croslin is a sought after speaker in technical and business areas worldwide. He is also the author of the just published Prentice-Hall book "Innovate the Future: A Radical New Approach to Innovation."

January 10, 2011 - David Croslin is interviewed on "Unconventional Widsom with Larry Shiller"

Listen to David Croslin's informative interview with Larry Shiller, Cox Radio's "Unconventional Wisdom with Larry Shiller." David discussed the benefits of IQware and using innovation in job creation by funding startups through his proposed Startup Kick-Start program.

September 28, 2010 - David Croslin joined IQware as CIO/CTO

IQware Delivers Immediate Innovations as U.S. Health Care Industry Feels Extreme Pressure to Evolve

According to globally recognized futurist and innovation expert David Croslin, few circumstances drive innovation faster than being in a state of war. The U.S. health care system is now in a state of war. Consumers, government regulators and enterprises are demanding change; otherwise, alternatives will be created and the current system will be shoved aside.

Four major events are creating a timeline that the existing health care system must meet in order to survive:

1. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform) passed in March 2010 will create an alternative health care system if the current one cannot evolve.

2. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus Funding) provides $37B to kickstart the evolution but acts as both a carrot with rewards and a stick with penalties.

3. The ICD-10 coding standard for medical records was passed by the United Nations in 1994 yet the U.S. has largely not deployed it. Current regulatory requirements will force its adoption.

4. There are growing demand for accountability and increased penalties for noncompliance under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as for data breaches involving protected health information (PHI).

These regulatory barrages on the current health care system are forcing change within an environment that has tremendous inertia against change. Change is risky and expensive, and evolving incorrectly will affect more than revenues - it will affect lives.

Croslin understands the limitations of the current U.S. health care system to evolve. Without a dramatically different approach, the existing IT infrastructure will not be able to meet the regulatory mandates or take advantage of the rewards offered by stimulus funding.

Croslin has joined IQware as CIO/CTO, stating: "IQware's patented technologies allow a completely different approach to how IT departments and systems evolve. The U.S. health care system desperately needs a way to become innovative overnight. IQware's foundational systems provide this innovative, evolutionary platform without incurring the traditional risk, complexity and expense. The ability to create unique solutions in record time that deliver secure and highly customizable and targetable applications is unique to IQware."

August 16, 2010 - IQware captures attention in the blogosphere

Dr. Steve Belovich's Infosec Island blog post articles, "Software Engineers vs. Programmers", and "IT Security History and Architecture" (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5), are gaining attention in the blogosphere. Join the discussion.

Infosec Island is an online community for network and IT professionals who manage information, security, risk and compliance issues.

August 16, 2010 - IQware article featured on July/August 2010 online version of ComputerTalk magazine

Dr. Steve Belovich's article, "IT Security and Architecture: How Did We Get into This Mess?" was featured in the July/August 2010 online version of ComputerTalk magazine.

ComputerTalk for the Pharmacist has been covering technology and pharmacist issues for 30 years.

July 1, 2010 - David Croslin joins the IQware team
David Croslin We are happy to announce the addition of David Croslin to the IQware team. David is a globally recognized technology and business leader and is joining IQware as a consultant effective July 1st. David has led product and market innovation in global companies including his roles as Chief Technologist at Hewlett-Packard and Chief Product Architect at Verizon Business. David has acted as a trusted advisor to the executive teams of some of the largest companies in the world and has been instrumental in driving sales and evolving products for accounts valued at over $2B annually. David has twenty-five patents.

David is the author of the recently released Prentice-Hall book, Innovate the Future: A Radical New Approach to IT Innovation. In the six weeks since its release, the book has received praise from across highly diverse industries including telecommunications, electric utilities, venture capital, children's creativity, education and many others. Some of the executives that have read or are reading Innovate the Future include the CIO of AT&T, the CTO of Alcatel-Lucent and the CSO of Rogers Communications. David has been invited to speak on innovation at major global events including the Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) in Riyahd in Jan, 2011. Previous speakers at the GCF include Bill Gates, Michael Dell, the President of the World Bank, Tony Blair and many others.

David's book is not like other books on innovation. It is not an analysis of historical case studies. Innovate the Future focuses on the future and provides a framework on how to deliver disruptive innovations and how to consistently deliver the best product with the highest transformative value to the customer.

We have been in discussions with David for the past 6 months. As stated above he has been busy finishing up a book. We contacted David to congratulate him on the release of his book and he stated "I'd rather be working with IQware." We asked him why IQware and he responded as follows.

"Software development and software products have largely evolved into commoditized markets driven by low labor rates and long time to market windows for custom features. This commoditization creates an environment of incremental innovation where products evolve slowly and markets and the competitors within those markets begin to stagnate.

In order to gain additional market share and to quickly enter new markets it is critical that companies be able to develop a 'good enough' foundational product that can then be quickly restructured and targeted at niche markets both large and small. This allows for economies of scale while at the same time delivering customized solutions. This further creates market disruptive innovations, such as the iPhone, that can completely shift or destroy older markets overnight.

I feel that IQware has created the perfect vehicle for shifting virtually any market from an incremental innovation model to a disruptive innovation model. The ability to create unique solutions in record time utilizing a foundational toolset that delivers secure and highly customizable and targetable applications is unique to IQware. IQware shifts software, product and market development from a technology based world into a business rules based world. IQware provides the ability to dynamically adjust a live application in real time based on desired modifications derived from an aggressive, highly competitive business model allowing companies to immediately respond to market changes and customer needs.

Any company deploying a product solution built on IQware can virtually overnight energize their market, maximally engage their employees and customers and disrupt the existing market status quo. IQware is in itself a highly disruptive technology that allows users of IQware to create new disruptive technologies."

David's desire to join IQware supports your belief in us and in our technology and adds to the credibility our marketing message.

Nov 1-3, 2009 - IQware attends Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing's (ECRM) Pharmacy Services, Technology and Automation Show in Atlanta

Thanks to the referral by Tom Coughlin, former CEO of Wal-Mart, we were given the opportunity to attend ECRM's Pharmacy Services, Technology and Automation Trade Show in Atlanta on November 1st through the 3rd. ECRM is based in Solon, Ohio and produces unique trade shows that allow a vendor to have multiple one on one meetings with buyers from retail operations around the country and Canada. ECRM is one of the most service driven organizations we have ever encountered. We met with 36 companies representing over 15,000 retail pharmacies. We have agreed to schedule full online demos of the IQware MTM system with each of them so they can include other members of their organizations. Of those companies 35 confirmed their frustration with their current Pharmacy Management System (PMS) and the alternatives available on the market. They all understood the value of a Pharmacy Management System being developed on the IQware architecture with its capability, flexibility and security. They are all looking for a better long-term solution. All agreed that the window of opportunity is the next 18 to 24 months and showed interest in the IQware approach to this solution. One of the major points of interest was the shelf life of any program developed on the IQware architecture and its built-in security.

August 20, 2009 - IQware presents Worldwide Webinar to Hewlett Packard and EDS personnel
On August 26, 2009, Dr. Steve Belovich, CEO of IQware, will present a webinar to a worldwide audience of HP and EDS personnel. HP and EDS personnel will learn how IQware's secure, patented (US Patent #7,322,028), rule-based, Master Data Management Software system together with HP's OVMS operating system will quickly and directly benefit their customers.

Changes in workflow will not disrupt business processes for companies utilizing IQware's intelligent Master Data Management System. IQware's "business process experts" will simply change the rules for controlling function and presentation and seamlessly deliver an application that promptly addresses the workflow changes. This unique flexibility eliminates the "traditional" and costly code/compile/test/debug software development cycle. Furthermore,

  • IQware is hacker-resistant and immune to desktop viruses (uses a DoD C2/B2 platform)
  • IQware is rule-based so it can be changed on-the-fly and without programming
  • IQware is interoperable with existing, as well as emerging, technologies
  • IQware is very high security with complete, tamper-proof audit trail and comprehensive reporting

HP, who is helping build awareness of IQware within HP and EDS, arranged this webinar as part of IQware's OpenVMS Partner and Business Partner arrangement with HP.

Bethesda, Maryland, July 1, 2009 - IQware, Incorporated and Granite Gate Corporation have signed a Reseller Agreement and Shareholder Agreement.
These agreements make IQware a significant shareholder in Granite Gate and provide Granite Gate access to IQware's patented technologies for desktop-virus-immune and rule-based software.

"Granite Gate is pleased to have IQware as a shareholder and valuable partner. These agreements form the basis of a unique and valuable product to address cybersecurity concerns of the nation. IQware's basic patent for secure rule-based computing, Patent US #7,322,028, is an integral component in Granite Gate's premier product, the Integrated Secure Cyber Solution. IQware provides a process for delivering secure business logic within our architecture," said Edward Merrill, President and CEO, Granite Gate.

"IQware views cybersecurity as the nation's most significant challenge. Granite Gate provides an effective conduit for delivering our security technology on a national and international basis. I am pleased to have the opportunity to be a shareholder and licensed partner with Granite Gate in the development and deployment of the Integrated Secure Cyber Solution," said Dr. Steve G. Belovich CEO, IQware.

About - Granite Gate delivers information-centric cybersecurity solutions. Its premier product is the Integrated Secure Cyber Solution that provides secure information sharing across networks and the Internet. Granite Gate also offers consulting services and computed-based training relevant to cybersecurity and their products.

Bernie Corjay

April 20, 2009 - IQware Marketing has been approved for membership in the National eHealth Collaborative

As a public-private entity, the National eHealth Collaborative represents organizations from across the healthcare continuum that are invested in driving the adoption and efficient use of health information technology throughout the United States. IQware is joining the nation's healthcare and information technology leaders in working to improve the public's health and the quality, safety, efficiency, and accessibility of healthcare by participating in the National eHealth Collaborative.

As a member of the National eHealth Collaborative, IQware will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify breakthrough strategies to accelerate health IT adoption and interoperable use
  • Participate in the development of a governance framework white paper for the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN)
  • Provide expertise on policies related to an interoperable, standards-based electronic healthcare system
  • Support the implementation of health IT through market-driven approaches
  • Provide and share technical resources to accelerate health information technology interoperability

March 6, 2009 - Discount Drug Mart Deploys IQware MTM At Wooster Pharmacy

Discount Drug Mart (, a leading drug store chain with over 67 stores in Ohio, will be deploying the IQware MTM system at its Wooster, Ohio location as the first location in a plan to roll out to other locations. IQware's patented (US #7,322,028), centrally-managed MTM system simplifies deployment, which allows Discount Drug Mart to seamlessly implement the system and rapidly identify patients who will benefit from MTM services. When changes in Federal rules and regulations are mandated in Medication Therapy Management, Discount Drug Mart will be poised to respond quickly using IQware's MTM system, staying steps ahead of the competition. Rather than having to re-architect, re-code, re-compile, re-test, and re-debug an application, a rule within IQware's centrally-managed MTM system can be changed that will take effect almost immediately to the deployed machines. IQware breaks the vicious, costly, and error-prone software development cycle. This saves Discount Drug Mart a lot of time and money.

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March 6, 2009 - IQware's MTM Connects to Life Clinic's Automated Health Monitor

Life Clinic Health Management Systems, the world's leading supplier of commercial automated blood pressure monitors, health stations and health management systems has agreed to place one of their state of the art LC600 units at the Discount Drug Mart location in Wooster, Ohio. The unit provides the capability for biometric testing including measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, weight, body composition, body mass index and blood oxygen levels. The LC600 also supports the uploading of all popular personal health management devices such as glucose, activity and respiratory meters, all crucial in supporting wellness and chronic disease programs. The placement in the Wooster location coincides with the deployment of the IQware MTM system. IQware will provide an interface to the LC600 so that this vital information can be integrated into the Medication Therapy Management process.

January 22, 2008 - US Patent #7,322,028 awarded

On January 22, 2008 US Patent #7,322,028 was awarded for a "Method and System for Providing a Virus-Immune, Rule-Based Cross-Platform Software System" (click here for patent download) US #7,322,028 both teaches and protects IQware's ability to act as both a standalone application and a rule based software development platform (click here for a detailed tutorial on Rule-based Software). The patent presents IQware's architecture as the preferred embodiment to reduce - and perhaps even eliminate - the need to pay for error-prone custom code development when developing an MDM application.

IQware solves the problem of the increasing cost of designing, building and deploying complex software systems. The traditional software development method is the endless "code-compile-test-debug" loop. This method produces inflexible, non-secure and unreliable applications. It also takes a long time, is error-prone and requires legions of expensive software engineers or programmers.

IQware does things differently. As the diagram illustrates, traditional software is expensive, time consuming and error-prone. IQware, in sharp contrast, uses rules to specify the system's behavior. IQware's method is a lot faster, better, less expensive and produces a better result. To learn more, click here for a detailed tutorial on Rule-based Software.

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IQware's Medication Therapy Management system chosen by University of Florida College of Pharmacy to support the UF MTM Communication and Care Center's program for Medicaid patients