IQware Personal MTM

   Medication Therapy Management at your fingertips

IQware's Personal MTM system offers full-function MTM capabilities for the home user. You can enter and view your prescriptions, check for interactions between medications, research drugs by ingredients, diseases treated, and pharmaceutical category. All from the comfort of your home Internet connection and/or through kiosks in your local pharmacy or community.

Personal MTM System Highlights

Record and Analyze Your Medications

IQware's Personal MTM
  • Keep track of medications (both prescription and over the counter), vitamins, and herbal remedies.
  • View drug interactions based on your current medications.
    • Drug Interactions automatically update to reflect medications as they are added to your record.
    • Drug interactions are grouped by the severity of the interaction, letting you know when an interaction requires physician/pharmacist intervention
  • Research information about specific drugs.

Record Allergies and Detect Possible Reactions

  • Record your drug, food, and environmental allergies including the type of allergic reaction as well as the year in which that reaction last presented.
  • Prevent unnecessary allergic reactions with alerts that automatically appear when you are prescribed
    a drug to which you are allergic. IQware's Personal MTM

Communicate with Health Care Providers

  • Send emails your pharmacist, physician, or other health care professionals.
  • Print medication lists or other records to share with your health care provider.

Maintain Your Personal Medical Record

  • Record and save your vital statistics.
  • Record and save your preferred health care providers (hospitals, doctors, pharmacies).
  • Keep track of you immunizations and procedures (watch for upcoming release)

Enjoy Other Time-Saving Features

  • Make your time at the pharmacy or doctor's office more efficient by exporting your electronic records. (watch for upcoming release)
  • Set your own preferences for appearance and privacy. (watch for upcoming release)

IQware's Personal MTM IQware's Personal MTM

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