IQware White Papers

Cyber Security Briefing. How to Fight and Win the New War and Why What We Are Doing Now Won't Work  - This comprehensive presentation explains why common IT security approaches will not work and will and proposed practical solutions and intelligent policies that can be successful (38 pages, 5533 KB, PDF).

IT Security History & Architecture   - An in-depth look at the real "IT Security Problem," how we got into this mess, the economic and structural mechanisms preventing a true "fix" and suggestions on how to reduce your exposure (24 pages, 1348 KB, PDF).

A Brief History of IT Security & Architecture   - "Reader's Digest" version of the white paper above (8 pages, 215 KB, PDF).

IQware Architecture  - A presentation on how IQware's patented (US #7,322,028, others pending) secure architecture and rule-based invention differs from traditional software application structure (7 pages, 194 KB, PDF).

IQware Product and Business Overview   - A detailed description of IQware's products, target markets, customer value proposition, market analysis, comptetitve advantages and our approach to software and IT security (26 pages, 1.3 MB, PDF).

Firewall Fairytales (and other scary stories)  - A fun presentation on hacking techniques, weaknesses of conventional defense mechanisms and security myths. Describes a secure architecture and how to avoid security pitfalls (33 pages, 943 KB, PDF).

IQware's Approach to Software and IT Security Issues  - A detailed review of IQware's secure platform, the necessary architectural elements for a secure system and the "Reference Monitor" concept. Discusses the limitations of anti-virus software and firewalls (8 pages, 254 KB, PDF).

Security History and Architecture (and other Very scary stories)  - A fun presentation on the history of IT security, the evolution of computing ands operating systems, economic and technical issues that prevent a universal solution, software structure and secure system requirements, ISO and DoD security classifications, the "Reference Monitor" and secure architecture concept, deployment guidelines and suggestions (25 pages, 659 KB, PDF).

A Secure MTMP System   - An overview of Medication Therapy Management Plan (MTMP) regulations and guidelines. Discusses the need for MTMP as well as the MTMP benefits to pharmacists and member service providers (22 pages, 548 KB, PDF).